dial a doula 



sunderai felich

Sunderai is the Director of Dial a Doula and a Director of The International College of Spiritual Midwifery. She has 40 years experience in women’s and children’s health.

Her qualifications include childbirth education, pre-school mothercraft, breathwork, Bodywork, Massage, reiki, Doula training and Hypnobirthing. She has been training and mentoring doulas for 20 years, providing a comprehensive birth and post Natal training program.

Sunderai supports doulas to stand strong and confident, supporting them to find their way. She co-ordinates the placement of Doulas who provide support to mothers, their partners and family throughout pregnancy, Birth and the postpartum time. 


shivam rachana

Shivam Rachana is a respected Childbirth Educator and healer. She is the founding principal of the International College of Spiritual Midwifery and was co founder and director of the Centre for Human Transformation.

Rachana is passionate about the power of the imprinting process that occurs during the pre and peri natal time and the influence that it has for the rest of our lives.

Within each person she recognises the ability to self-heal, enabling others to take the necessary steps toward their own healing. She draws upon her experience as a woman, lover, mother, teacher of Spiritual Midwifery, Tantra and Rebirthing. Rachana is a pioneer of natural birthing practices including Water birth and Lotus Birth which is also the name of her book.