Dial a Doula

celebrating 20 years as australia's highly respected doula training, providing support for birthing women and their families

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our comprehensive foundation training teaches you about pregnancy, birth and the post natal time. it is educational and encourages personal growth. you learn hands on skills, how to establish your business as a doula and most importantly how to support a mother and her family.

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our Post Natal Doula training gives you the skills to deeply care for mothers in the fundamental way of the Doula - with deep respect, trust in mother’s innate instincts, good information and excellent resources.

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our spiritual midwifery course gives Doulas a deep understanding of their calling to work with birth in a deeply intuitive way.

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we have a network of highly skilled birth and postnatal doulas who have been through our training to support you in your birth journey. 

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because the more a mother is cared for, the more she can care for her baby. 


dial a doula 

post natal support

A post natal doula works with the mother and her family to decide what type of support is required after birth.

Some need educational support: infant feeding, care of the new baby and support for the new mother.

Others rely more on the non-judgmental emotional support that the doula has to offer.

While others have more practical needs – like feeding the family and running errands.


DIAL a doula affiliates

birth for humankind

Dial a Doula is affiliated with Birth for Humankind a registered charity providing women, regardless of their socio-economic circumstances, access to support, education and care during their pregnancy, birth and early parenting journey. We're so proud that half of Birth for Humankind's doulas are from Dial a Doula.  

Dial a Doula provides a scholarship to a recipient from Birth for Humankind for each training, including Post Natal.

FUN FACT: One of the original founders of Birth for humankind: Mei Lai Swan, is a Dial a Doula graduate!