dial a doula TRAINING



This is the foundation of your training, providing you with the solid basis on which to build your development as a Doula.

The training focuses on learning the hands on skills of supporting families before during and after childbirth as well as preparing for your own business as a working doula.

Doula Foundation Training includes:

  • Guest Speakers: Lactation Consultants, Naturopaths, Midwives, Obstetricians, Post Natal Depression Counsellors and experienced doulas. 
  • Hands on learning including; touch and massage techniques Rebozo Shawl Method, Birth Hypnosis, breathing, relaxation and more.
  • Visualisations, Mandalas, Blessingways and other rituals to connect with deeper realms
    and give doulas skills to bring to their birthing families.


Feb1-April 5 & April 26-June 28 2019


The training incorporates 20 half days - 10am - 2pm on Fridays during the school term.


Autumn Retreat
129 Miller St.
Thornbury, vic

gestalt therapy australia
333 heidelberg road
northcote, vic


$2,500 with a $500 deposit

Payment plans available.

birth stories & choices

Introduction to Training – overview of the modules, exploring What is a Doula, Why are you here?Your birth stories

Birth Stories - Sharing your stories and experiences of Birth,

Birth Choices – what are the options for women in Melbourne, hospital, birth centers, 
private and public, home birth – statistics, options and experiences of different hospitals. 
As well as prenatal testing

understanding the stages of labour

Last few weeks of pregnancy – exploring the state of mind of women, relationship to
due dates, support strategies. Last month of pregnancy is pre labour. Preparing for labour.

Early Labour labour strategies and positions.

Stages of labour. Support required at different stages.

understanding birth & interventions

Birth water birth, home births, hospital births etc. 

Interventions – exploring what is intervention? induction, pain relief, epidurals, monitoring, etc.

Caesarean birth and unexpected outcomes.

3rd stage – exploring the placenta, cutting and not cutting the cord, lotus birth.


Immediately After Birth - brand new babies. first breath, first gaze, first hour.

Breastfeeding - benefits, common challenges and how a doula can support breastfeeding.

Life with new baby, sleep, relationships, post natal depression.

Other useful tools, - Rebozo shawl, massage, hypnosis, aromatherapy, acupressure.

Complimentary medicine - Chinese medicine, homoeopathy.

working as a doula

Doula’s and partners – how to support the partner, how to work together.

Working as a doula – your doula vision, being on call etc.

The business of being a doula, marketing and self promotion – goal setting.