dial a doula TRAINING



Mothers are critical to our whole society's well being.

This Postnatal Doula training gives you the skills to deeply and powerfully care for mothers in the fundamental way of the Doula - with deep respect, trust in mother’s innate instincts, good information and excellent resources.

This 10 week program is facilitated by Sunderai Felich and special guests who all bring an abundance of expertise in new parenthood.


July 20 2018


The training incorporates 10 half days

10am - 2pm on Fridays during the school term.


Autumn Retreat
129 Miller St.
Thornbury, vic

gestalt therapy australia
333 heidelberg road
northcote, vic


$1,300 with a $300 deposit

Payment plans available.


skills to help mother the mother

Your birth story Your story as a baby and as a mother.
Exploring what is post natal support. If you could have it what post natal support would be ideal for you.

The Postnatal Doula Your role and what services do you provide.
Immediate after birth support for the whole family.

skills to provide a relaxed and supportive environment

Early Childhood & Sibling Support An understanding of early childhood development from birth to 12 months. How to support siblings.

Relaxation and Massage Baby Massage, Relaxation and meditation skills.
Developing listening skills. 

Feeding Your experience as a baby. Your experience as a mother.
Bottle feeding, supplementary feeding, expressing. Common problems and solutions.

Settling and Sleeping Common problems and approaches. Mother baby units/support in the home. Co-sleeping/attachment parenting. Ongoing support for the whole family. Latest research.

Postnatal Depression. Birth Debriefing.

special needs and marketing yourself

The 4th Trimester How other cultures support new mothers.
How can Post Natal Doulas support families for the first 6 weeks’

Unexpected outcomes Special care nursery. Disability. Death. How you can support as a postnatal doula.

Marketing Marketing yourself as a postnatal doula. Your vision. Networking. Creating your logo, business name and website.