Dial a Doula

dial a doula


a doula recognises birth as a key experience that a mother will remember all her life. She is someone the birthing woman knows and trusts.

the doula is beside her bringing a sense of confidence and safety. she helps a mother relax into the birth, supporting her and her partner.

as a doula you support her choices knowing that birth has its challenges, such as finding strength and courage, facing fears, surrendering to the birth process and opening to love.

benefits of having a birth doula


world wide studies consistently demonstrate the undeniable benefits of having a doula supporting women and their partner at birth.

As the figures indicate: 

  • Fewer Caesarean births
  • Reduction in use of pain medication
  • Reduction in the length of labour
  • Overall the need for intervention is reduced resulting in more positive birth outcomes

Women feel more confident and relaxed with the presence of a doula.


decrease in caesarean births


Decrease in length of labour



decrease in use of EPidurals


decrease in use of pain medications


source: Klaus, Kennel & Klaus (2002)

benefits of having
a postnatal doula

This level of support provided by the Doula during birth continues in the post natal time.

Mothers who have Doula support experience less anxiety and less depression at 6 weeks postpartum. The post Natal Doula assists in creating a relaxed environment giving emotional and hands on support during the transition time into motherhood.
She Mothers the mother.