Dial a Doula

dial a doula


Birth is one of the most awe inspiring and powerful moments in life. Birth is full of challenges; new information and emotions, love, fear, hope, strength, courage and risk.

A doula provides support for the expecting parents. Having someone who you know and trust at your birth, who doesn’t leave your side, brings confidence, a sense of safety which helps the labouring woman relax into her birth and allows her partner to relax and support her.

benefits of having a doula during labour


Studies from around the world consistently demonstrate the undeniable benefits of having a doula supporting women and their partner at birth.

As the figures indicate: 

  • Fewer Caesarean births
  • Reduction in use of pain medication
  • Reduction in the length of labour
  • Overall the need for intervention is reduced resulting in more positive birth outcomes.

Women, as do their partner feel more confident and relaxed with the presence of a doula.


decrease in caesarian births 


Decrease in length of labour



decrease in use of EPidurals


decrease in use of pain medications


source: Klaus, Kennel & Klaus (2002)

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benefits of having
a postnatal doula

This level of support provided from the Doula during birth flows through into the post natal time.

Mothers with Doula support experience less anxiety and less depression at 6 weeks postpartum. The post Natal Doula assists in creating a relaxed environment providing emotional and hands on support during the transition time into motherhood.
She Mothers the mother, supports her partner and her whole family.